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Find the perfect window covering to suit your home and style. From blinds to shades, we have the material, color and look that is just for you. Get started by exploring our wide range of customizable window covering options.

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Pick your 10 FREE samples

On the product page, choose up to 10 free samples from the samples section. Each sample is cut from genuine material and your sample pack comes with a measuring guide and worksheet to help you get started.

Place your samples order

When you're ready to checkout, click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page and complete the checkout process. You will not be required to enter any payment information unless your smaples exceed the 10 Free Samples limit.

When your samples arrive

It's what you've been waiting for: your samples have finally arrived! Make sure to use the insert included with your sample pack to carefully select your perfect color and style, measure your windows and finally place your order. There are also some quick tips below. Need extra help? Call us anytime 1-888-767-7856.

Pick Your Favorites

Now that you have your samples in hand, think carefully about which styles and colors best suit your space and style. Compare each of them to one another and try to select your few favorites out of the bunch.

Find the Right Light

Take a look at the colors and textures in your room. Hold them up to the light during the day and at night. Consider how much light they let in during the daytime, and how much privacy they provide in the evening.

Measure & Order

Next, measure your windows using our Measuring Tips. You'll want to take careful measurements to ensure your windows are picture perfect. Finally, come back to our online store to place your order.


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