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Kids & Pets Welcome: Keeping Durability In Mind When Shopping For New Home Window Treatments

If you have kids, a few precocious canines or felines that act as your kids, you are probably all too familiar with the phrase, "this is why we can't have nice things." Of course, having a house full of white fabrics and antiques is not an ideal situation when you have your kids in the house. Just because you can't have priceless artifacts, doesn't mean you can't dress your home with style and safety for the little ones. Today, we are going to shed some light on durable and safe blinds that will defend against your kids, canines and felines.

Faux Wood Blinds

Are you the type of person who really enjoys a rustic look to your house, but wouldn't dream of installing wood blinds because they might warp? Then you need Faux Wood Blinds. Wood blinds will provide your home with the look you want, but faux wood blinds are manufactured to have more durability to withstand the wear and tear that your family may try and put on them.

Cellular Shades

The next, and probably most helpful, type of shade or blind that you can have in your home is a honeycomb shade that is also known as a Cellular Shade. If this sounds like an unfamiliar product to you, don't worry. Honeycomb shades are a specific type of shade made of pockets or honeycomb cells that improve insulation. The cell pocket construction resembles a honeycomb. The complex construction of these shades makes them two things, soft and durable. The soft and durable construction of the fabric will hold up to a lot of wear and tear. The tighter the weave, the more durable the fabric.

Honeycomb blinds carry another great benefit aside from being durable, and that is the safety they provide when ordered with a cordless option. It isn't a secret that children and window cords do not mix. Cordless means that there are no hanging strings for your kids to tangle with. For those cat owners out there who know how fascinated felines are with strings, there will not be that open temptation for your cat to be swatting and inevitably scratching something you spent a lot of money installing.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Of course, whatever option you end up choosing, you will want to clean it at some point. The key to keeping your blinds in good shape is to be gentle. This includes the types of products you use on them and how often you use these products. It is very important to dust or vacuum your binds often. But in the world you live in there will inevitably be a day that involves cleaning the spaghetti splash that somehow made it halfway across your kitchen or the mud splatter that your dog splashed when he came in from the muddy backyard. In circumstances like this spot clean the areas that are affected by the stain and do not use harsh chemicals; soap and water is all you need. Mini blinds can be completely immersed in soap and water. Faux wood blinds can be wiped clean and honeycomb shades can be spot cleaned.