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Protect Your Home from UV Rays

UV stands for ultraviolet light, which is a spectrum of light that is present in sunlight and fluorescent light. This light has more energy than other forms, so it works more quickly at deteriorating artwork, carpets and fabrics. It does this by breaking down the fibers. UV light will also cause fading and discoloration.

Frame for Protection

Paper is most susceptible to UV damage and needs even more protection than other home textiles. Do you have any drawings you made as a child, or a really old newspaper? Chances are the drawing or newspaper is discolored, brittle or cracked; this can be caused by UV damage. If you don't protect your paintings or photographs, they can end up much like the drawing or newspaper. Once artwork becomes damaged, its value is reduced and it can be very expensive to restore. In most cases of UV damage, the harm is irreversible. Luckily, protecting artwork from UV damage is not very difficult. The best protection can start before you even hang your artwork. Framing your artwork properly can go a long way towards protecting it from UV damage. Be sure to have your framer use UV -blocking glass or plastic that is non-glare. This not only protects your artwork, but allows you to view the artwork without light glaring off of the glass.

Change Your Lighting

Another step to protecting your treasured item at home is changing the lighting in your home. Replace all fluorescent lights with low lumen lighting. Lumen is the amount of light emitted from a bulb. It is measured in lux, which is the level of light that is projected from the bulb equal to one lumen per square meter. Look for bulbs with a lumen level of, at most, 55 lux. Incandescent or LED bulbs are your best choice.

You also need to keep items away from direct sunlight. By installing light-filtering shades in your home, you can still indulge in natural light, while protecting your furniture, fabrics and artwork from harmful UV rays. Solar Shades offer a range of openness options to allow for natural light while reducing direct sunlight that can damage your home.

Limit the Heat

It is important to note that when you are choosing your window coverings, you should consider the amount of heat the blinds or shade aloows through. Heat is also very destructive to home goods. Choosing insulating shades like Cellular Shades will minimize the heat that enters your home through your windows. Home décor is an investment. Window coverings are essential in protecting it from the ravaging effects of UV light and outdoor heat.